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Payroll and HR from Anywhere You Are!

The workplace landscape is changing fast. Remote work is here to stay, so it’s important that you have a payroll and HR platform that can easily handle the unique challenges that come with it. Are you sure your software is up to the task?

Why Choose Us?

Run Payroll From Anywhere

The Greenshades payroll and HR platform is the cloud-based, confidently compliant software that is the digital hub for the modern worker. With helpful wizards and error checks that prevent issues.

Compliance is a Breeze

Whether you have employees in one state or all 50 states, compliance is a breeze, with tax codes assigned automatically.

Employees First

Your workers can manage their own personal information and benefits via the robust employee self-service module, which means they stay engaged and empowered no matter where they are.

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Payroll and HR are easier than ever!

Time is a valuable resource, and managing your payroll and HR processes shouldn’t take a lot of it. You don’t want to waste precious time navigating confusing software or doing hours of manual tasks. How can you be sure your payroll processes are in the right hands?

Trust your payroll and HR to Greenshades. The easy-to-install, easy-to-use platform is intuitive, streamlined, and tailored to your company’s needs.

What People Are Saying About Greenshades

“The Greenshades Payroll Tax Service is the best payroll tool available. It takes all the work and thinking out of a typically unproductive and time-consuming process. It is very accurate, always on time, sends reminders and it’s a breeze to get taxes paid on-time and with almost no effort. Every GP payroll client should use the Greenshades tax service!”

Judy Thomas

TM Group

“We have been working with Greenshades for many years. Their level of personalized service, dedication and their commitment to their products that we have experienced has been nothing short of extraordinary. Their high quality of products, as well as their excellent technical support team, are outstanding. We have installed Greenshades’ solutions at several of our client sites, and find it to be superb. Their national coverage, as well as seamless integration to back office accounting systems, satisfies all our clients utilizing this solution.”

Arlene Herdt

Paradigm Technology Consulting, LLC