Simplified time & attendance

Greenshades Time Tracking Software

Reduce paperwork. Improve accuracy. Gain greater insight. Save time. It’s that easy.

“We’ve eliminated over 90% of our manual processes and procedures in payroll processing and time-tracking.”

K. Marantz

HR Director, Central California Child Development Services

Capture Time, Don't Waste It

Your tools should be tailored to accommodate your unique business needs and not the other way around. Greenshades Time Entry software includes workflows that can be easily configured to match the way your HR organization runs. Greenshades also works flawlessly for employees that transfer between departments, locations, or positions.

PTO Perfection

Greenshades Time-Off Requests was built based on feedback from our customers themselves. We’ve made it easy for employees to request a variety of types of time-off. Managers can access a dashboard that shows them any overlapping time-off requests, balance histories, and order of those requests. Once approved, those time-off requests flow automatically into payroll for both hourly and salary employees. 

Easy To Access From Anywhere

With full support for IP filters, variant holiday schedules, and rules for various departments or roles, our time tracking solution provides all the flexibility you need… including empowering employees to clock in from kiosks, mobile apps, or desktops.