Here you can find the links to everything you might need to download and run Online Connector.


The Greenshades Online Connector is an application and Windows Service that allows clients to create a connection to transfer data between the client data source and Greenshades.

Supported Integration:

  • Flat File (csv, tab, Excel)
  • Dynamics GP, versions 2005 and higher
  • Dynamics SL

System Requirements


Minimum of 3GB computer memory, 4GB recommended on the computer that runs the Connector.


Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dynamics SLThe Greenshades Online Connector is used to move data between client accounting packages and the GreenshadesOnline platform. The Connector works with Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL accounting packages.

Microsoft .NET FrameworkThe Microsoft .NET Framework adds an extra layer of functionality to your version of Microsoft Windows that Greenshades’ solutions utilize. The following link will take you to a Microsoft webpage. Please follow all instructions for downloading and installing the .NET Framework before continuing. Microsoft .Net version 4.0 is a minimum requirement for the Greenshades Online Connector.

Download the .NET Framework

SQL Server 2005 or higherThis is a relational model database server produced by Microsoft which provides a trusted, productive, and intelligent data platform that enables you to run your most demanding mission-critical applications, reduce time and cost of development and management of applications, and deliver actionable insight to your entire organization.

Get More Details on Microsoft SQL Server 2005


Greenshades Online Connector Installer

Before installing the Greenshades Online Connector, ensure that Microsoft .Net Framework, version 4.0 has been installed. The database system administer password and the ability to run applications as a local administrator are required for configuration of the Connector.

Download the Greenshades Online Connector