Payroll Tex Services Release Notes

Payroll Tax Service Release Notes

Recent Updates - 02/01/2019

Maine Seasonal Unemployment Returns

  • Maine has added a new Seasonal Employer SUTA filing for Q4 2018 and reporting year 2019. If you have received a determination from the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation that you are considered a seasonal employer, you will want to contact your Greenshades Tax Service Representative for assistance on proper reporting of seasonal employees and non-seasonal.

Revamped 941 Advanced Editor

  • Greenshades have moved away from the Silverlight Advanced editor for the US 941 Withholding edits. The process to get to the editor is still the same, however you will notice the look is a bit different.
  • You will now see a prompt of instructions when launching the new editor.
  • The editor now opens in your default web browser.
  • Form 941 and Schedule B on 1 continuous page now instead of using a drop down to switch between them in the task bar at the top.
  • You will need to resolve all errors on the form to save and close the editor.

Past Updates