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Greenshades Online
Tax Filing Center

Our solution has moved to the cloud, giving the ability to make E-Files in the latest government mandated specifications right every time, everywhere, and with no hassle.

Cloud Based

Be unleashed from desktop and local installations. No need to be in an accounting package to complete business critical returns.

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View Previous Filings

No more combing through paperwork to find historical filings. Review filings anywhere you can access Greenshades Online. All records in one easy-to-use portal.

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E-File Returns

Generates E-Files for SUTA, W-2s, 940/941s, New Hires, 401k, Local Act 32, and more. Now including State 941s.

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Edit returns

Plagued by time consuming edits? Our advanced editor allows for quick and easy edits of reports.

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Administrative Access

Manage access from anywhere in the world, creating company specific customization for every specific return type and year.

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Simplify Submissions

Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, including screenshots on how to submit returns with no guess-work involved.

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