What kind of coverage do I have, again?

June 22, 2017
By Greenshades Software
Brittany Llorente

Brittany Llorente

By Brittany Llorente
Media Marketing Associate

I’m always amazed at how much my work life has changed with Greenshades.

There are always comparisons in my mind to my previous jobs and this one, but the biggest one that always stands out is the use of the employee portal. I can wholeheartedly say that it is one of my favorite things about working at Greenshades. It is a fantastic tool, especially during benefits enrollment.

First off, it is simple.

At previous places of employment, I have been through an array of ways to enroll in benefits. I think the one that was the most hassle was going to the HR department’s door, putting my name down in a time slot for when I would work with an insurance advisor. I would arrive at the specified time and then we entered in my information on their laptop as they went over the guidebooks and insurance forms with me.

This was preferable, however, to not getting any information and just a bunch of pamphlets and handbooks with a form asking for an indication of which health care tier I wanted.

There was also the downside of there being little to no explanation of the other benefits involved (particularly if more than one company was involved) including dental, eye care, or short-term disability.

Fast forward to my time here at Greenshades. During the enrollment process, I was able to select a health care plan with more confidence.  I had a better breakdown of what each tier offered as far as co-pays, coverage, and how much I would be paying per month.

There was also a side by side comparison of the plans offered so that I could see in one nice snap, what I was looking at as far as health care needs.


Insurance Comparison


Next is the benefits handbooks.

Where is your benefits handbook? If you are unsure, then you are like most of the workforce out there. Mine was usually shoved in a desk somewhere where the rest of the ‘important papers’ went. Now, I sit comfortably knowing they are on my employee portal where I can access them at any time. On top of this, I do not have to bother my HR person for a new book or have to have another printed. This saves trees (we will get to more on this later), is more convenient, and as long as I have internet access, I can see them at any time.


Insurance Docs


On my own time.

There is no better place and time to do something than on your own schedule (barring the deadline). One of the things I disliked about having to set an appointment was because it was usually inconvenient for me. Now, if I want to, I can enroll for my benefits, at 3 a.m., wearing my pajamas, in the comfort of my own home or on a beach at sunrise. I digress, but the point is that as long as I do it in the period given, it is incredibly convenient to do it when I want to and not when someone else wants me to.


If you have had to print forms for even 20 people, you know how many reams of paper you are going through when it is enrollment time. Imagine the amount of paper for three or four times that many. That is a lot of trees, a lot of ink, and a lot of paper wasted. As I mentioned earlier, most people misplace their benefits guides.  So, having it on a portal saves green in more way than one.


Company Docs


So, how are you handling benefits enrollment? If at any time while reading this you thought, “Why doesn’t my company do this?” you should schedule an appointment with one of our sales team members at sales@greenshades.com.