Let Greenshades easily eliminate paper documents for you!

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By Justin Kirkland

Justin Kirkland
Justin Kirkland

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Do you have filing cabinets taking up space in your office? Or stacks of paper documents all over your work space? Let Greenshades help you go paperless today.

Greenshades Online Employee Documents modules will allow you to eliminate paper documents from your day to day workflow. The Documents module allows an admin to manage several documents, such:



  • References are documents that employees can read and refer to. Examples of this type of document include a list of phone extensions, office locations or an employee handbook.
  • Policies are documents explaining company policies and procedures. Employees are often required to review and sign, for administrator approval.
  • Forms are documents that employees must complete and submit for manager and administrator review. Typically, employees will receive a blank copy, complete certain fields, and then sign and date the completed document for administrator approval.
  • W-4’s are able to be administered from this module, allowing employees to create and update Federal W-4 information for an Administrator or Manager to review. W-4 has a built-in wizard, which guides employees through proper withholding amounts – similar to the IRS Withholding Calculator.




  • Direct Deposit allows you to control how employees will use the Direct Deposit administration screen. Direct deposit changes may only be approved by a site administrator, not by employee supervisors. Real-time routing number verification is available, and other account verification options, as well, to help ensure accuracy and the validity of the account.




• I-9 allows you to host the employee’s I-9 on Greenshades Online. This module covers the entire process, from start to completion – new hire completes employee portion of I-9 on GreenEmployee, which is then routed to Greenshades Online Administrator to verify employee identifying documentation. Once I-9 is completed, Greenshades Administrators may submit E-Verify cases though the Department of Homeland Security as well.




Once a Greenshades Administrator has created documents for employees to review, employees can access forms on Green Employee for completion. From Green Employee, employees can review, update and sign documents as required by HR or Payroll administrators.




Here is an example of what an employee would see while completing a Document:




Once the employee has signed the document, via an electronic signature, the Administrators or Managers will be notified for pending approval. Greenshades will store this document online for the Employee, Manager or Administrator to reference as needed in the future.

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