Hiring remote employees? Make it easier on your team.
April 26, 2016
By Greenshades Software
Brittany Llorente

Brittany Llorente

By Brittany Llorente
Media Marketing Associate

When I first started working for Greenshades, I had no idea what it was like to work remotely. I do not work in the Jacksonville office. I work from a quaint little town down in Vero Beach, about three hours south. I’m actually the closest remote worker as there are remote employees in Washington, New York, and Virginia who work for Greenshades.

Having remote employees who work away from the office, and even hired without once stepping into the office, used to sound like something that was impossible. With the emergence of employee portals and the growth of technology, it is something that is more than a possibility, I am proof that it is possible.

The Greenshades employee portal made this not only a quick and efficient process for me, but for the payroll and HR departments as well.

New Hire
When I was first hired at Greenshades, I submitted my paperwork by scanning in my identification and other information and uploading it into the employee portal (Note: To meet compliance, the employee will have to have certain documents notarized). I was able to electronically sign and read my employee handbook, which was easily accessible in the HR Documents section.

Through the benefits portion of the portal, I was able to read through each of the different options that were offered by Greenshades. I was also able to enroll in the 401k, dental, vision and a few other perks that were offered. The ease of having my benefits information on the portal is extremely convenient and I don’t run the risk of somehow losing it.

Paid Time Off
I love being able to pull up the portal, click the ‘paid time off’ tab, and see my current PTO balance. If I’d like to take time off, I click the date, time, and hours used, and click submit. If I was a remote employee who didn’t have a portal, I would have made several calls and emails to find the information I was looking for, and submit the form via email and wait until I was notified that it was approved.

Form updates
Last year I had to change my W-4 information from single to married. Instead of having to print a form, I was able to update it on the portal and sign with an e-signature. This automatically updated my information and sent the update to my payroll and HR departments for review. This saved me postage, and the time it would have taken for the form to be sent through the mail service, and then to the main office.

Do you have remote employees? Make it easier on everyone on your staff by equipping your business with Greenshades Online. Click here for a demonstration of our employee portal. We also have a previously recorded webinar featuring how our employee portal can save you time. Click here to view.