Greenshades Releases a New Desktop Menu

January 13, 2022
By Greenshades Software

Greenshades is updating the look and feel of the navigation top menu of Green Employee. Along with visual updates, the menu will now be mobile responsive, allowing employees to better navigate their Green Employee profile from a mobile device.

A new Green Employee navigation was released last month and here are some things you should know:

  • This is for Green Employee only
  • This is mobile device friendly, meaning an employee can now view Green Employee from their phone or tablet easily
  • This navigation top menu replaces the side menu and accesses all pages
Frequently asked questions about the new navigation top menu:
  1. How does my employee log out? If you click the employee/company image on the far right of the navigation bar, it will open up a sub-menu that will allow the employee to log out.
  2. How does my employee switch companies? If an employee is apart of multiple companies, they can access the company switcher from that same submenu as I described above.
  3. How does my employee see tasks now? Tasks have been modernized and can now be accessed by the bell icon.
  4. All I see is three lines in the navigation, what gives? Like any friendly navigation, once the screen size is small enough the menu collapses to a “hamburger” menu in the top left corner and will open up a mobile friendly navigation when clicked.


⇊ View Our New Navigation Menu

Please note, this update will only occur to Green Employee and will not be occurring to Greenshades Online. If you have any questions about the planned enhancement, feel free to email