GPUG in Five Words

May 30, 2018
By Greenshades Software

Brittany Llorente

By Brittany Llorente
Media Marketing Associate


What a community it is.

I’ve only been part of the GPUG community for a short period of time, but I feel I’ve made real connections and have been privileged to come to know the great assortment of folks that make up the GPUG community.

Recently, Ginny Lebeck issued a challenge to describe our GPUG community in five words. In this, she described GPUG as passionate, collaborative, innovative, powerful, and fun.

I wholeheartedly agree.

While I thought over her blog, I thought about how I would describe the GPUG community (without copying any of hers – which was incredibly difficult). So, here are my five words.


Between the different chapter meetings I have attended, GPUG summit, and the discussion boards, I tend to be in awe of those who step forward and answer questions, or offer up their expertise on GP and the solutions that surround it. Even the ability to troubleshoot from simple explanation is astounding. Attend any session at GPUG and you will see that the person presenting is not the only expert in the room. While most in the GP community don’t want to admit to how long they have been in it (based on year alone), they have no problem giving advice and imparting knowledge to help those that are new.


This word goes hand in hand with being knowledgeable. Need support? Look no further than the GPUG discussion boards. Have a question? Have an issue? Have you run into something that you’re not quite sure about? Good news! You will get a slew of responses from the best of the best in the GPUG community (We lovingly call some of them All-Stars). I’m amazed at how many people step up, take time out of their day, and research, to answer questions for those who seek help. There is no better support system with GP than GPUG.


One of the reasons that I think that the GPUG community works so great, is because we operate like a family. Sometimes extended family, but family none the less. Every family has an assortment of personalities. GPUG is no different. GPUG Summit has always felt like a family reunion. Particularly on the weeks leading up, you can see everyone announcing how excited they are to see each other, to reunite, and to catch up. Once you’re part of the community, you’re in.


I mentioned before that some folks have been in the community longer than they want to admit. There was a post once that I saw on Twitter that showed the multitude of badges from the GP events through the year. I have amassed a handful, but some in the community have been around for 20+ years. What’s more amazing is that it’s not hard to find these folks who are GP veterans. The whole community is a loyal bunch, and it’s nice to see familiar faces.


I generally look at the GPUG forums every day. I’m on Twitter and social media for a large part of my day. If you have never paid attention to it, the GPUG community is incredibly grateful and thankful for the community they are a part of. There is an outpouring of ‘thank yous’ once a session is over, a meeting is over, or GPUG summit is over. It is heartfelt and it’s amazing to see. This community was built on hard work and a genuine interest in helping people. It’s so nice to see that those who are part of it are genuinely thankful to those who help lead it.


What are your five words to describe the GPUG community?