Employee Services Messages and Bulletins

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By Justin Kirkland
Greenshades Sales Engineer

Hello, again. It’s me, your friendly Sales Engineer. It’s been a while since my schedule allowed me to write a blog, so in case you have forgotten, I still exist.

Moving on.

With today being National Memo Day, I think that it is good to mention that you can send virtual messages and bulletins to your employees from our administrator website on GreenshadesOnline.com. These ‘memos’ have a lot of uses. But first, let’s show you how they work.Let’s start with Messages.

Messages can be sent to a variety of employees. This includes all employees, only active employees, specific groups of employees, or to just one individual. You are able to customize the message in any way that you like, and can even control when the message is sent and when it expires.

There is also the functionally to send the message to the employee as an email, so you know that they were able to see it.

These messages will show up for your employees to view in their notifications section on the employee home page.



Bulletins, while similar to messages, allow for some more robust options when formatting and you are able to add links and attachments for your employees. This includes new versions of your employee handbook or office wide notices of after-hours construction happening, for example. The options for choosing which employees see the bulletin are the same as messages, and they even show up on the employee home page, similar to messages., If you have multiple active bulletins, they will scroll, allowing the employee to see each one without having to scroll though their notifications to find them.



Why are memos important?

Every employee wishes that their employer would communicate with them better or that there was open information between the company.

Use your memos and email options in GreenEmployee.com to boost employee communication.

If you would like a demonstration of our employee portal, please contact sales@greenshades.com.