Can Greenshades help your employees with open enrollment?

January 25, 2016
By Greenshades Software
Justin Kirkland

Justin Kirkland

By Justin Kirkland
Sales Engineer

Do your employees struggle with enrolling in benefits for your company? After sitting through the benefits meeting, they likely go back to their desk and pour through the piles of paper given to them. It can be overwhelming to decide what to enroll in and to remember what they’re eligible for. Do they wish there was a way to easily compare benefit options? Greenshades Online can handle that.

Greenshades Online Benefits module was created with your employees in mind. The Benefits module simplifies the enrollment experience, allowing employees to participate in open enrollment or submit qualifying life events (QLE) when those important life moments happen, whether good or bad.




Employees may enroll in any of the offered benefit packages and view supporting documentation, to better help your employees understand the benefit options. This allows employees to be more informed on the choices they are making for themselves and their family.





During an open enrollment event, employees simply click the ‘begin enrollment’ button. Allowing them to easily select which benefits they would like to enroll in. They may also decide to waive benefits during the enrollment if they wish. Greenshades tracks this ‘waive’ action, which is critical when managing Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance.

As you can see below, employees can select options for health insurance, life, and disability insurance. Other benefit options are also available for enrollment through the module, such as corporate gym memberships, flexible spending accounts, 401k and more.





Once your employee has found the benefit option that works best for them, they simply click the ‘enroll’ button. The next screen they will see is the Open Enrollment Wizard. Here they are able to see information on each benefit option and related documentation. They may also view a side by side comparison of each benefit option, making choosing the benefit that is best for them, much easier.




Once the employee has selected the benefits that they wish to enroll in, they are shown the total cost of their selections. They will also be required to submit an electronic signature, and any employer disclosure, before submitting their selection to be approved by the Greenshades Online administrators.
Once the enrollment process is completed by employees, all they have to do is sit back and relax until the benefits are approved.

As you can see, our clients love our benefits module!

“We started using the Greenshades Benefits service module about a year ago. This service has helped us tremendously, it has allowed us to streamline our open enrollment process and eliminate piles of paper forms. The technical customer support we received during the implementation phase of the Benefit Module and during critical open enrollment deadlines was outstanding.”
– Blanca, Touchstone Communities

Keep an eye out for the next part of this blog covering the administrative portion of Greenshades Online Benefits or request a demo of this solution here today!