Bright, shiny, and new – make sure everyone is on board
June 8, 2017
By Greenshades Software
Brittany Llorente

Brittany Llorente

By Brittany Llorente
Media Marketing Associate

There is always a mixture of excitement and trepidation with encountering something new.

In the instance of our Employee Services and Online Portal, it can bring about many changes for employees and managers, alike.

This change can be scary for those who have done things a certain way for so long. It can also be confusing if the changes and the transition is not properly explained.

In the cases of confusion, there are a few tips we have to make sure your roll-out is successful for your business so everyone is happy at the end of the day.

Be Transparent

If you’re going to be implementing a new system, let your employees know as soon as possible. Letting them know what aspects will be changing is a great start. Lots of communication will calm nerves and keep rumors from going around.

Provide instructions and training

During the implementation process for the employees, providing guides and instruction will help employees understand their new system. For most, this will be a welcome change. The ease of processes like clocking in, requesting PTO, and more, will be a welcome relief.

There will always be those who dislike change. Equipped with knowledge and an understanding of the changes, those employees who might not be on board will come around. Whether it is based on knowledge and understanding, or encouragement from coworkers (who understand the system as well because of the info provided to them), they will adapt to the change.

Take time to listen to concerns

Employees have a hard time accepting anything when they feel like their wishes and concerns are not taken into account. Addressing their concerns outright and possibly making a few concessions, can make a smoother transition. Equally, they may have some solid suggestions for practices from the employee standpoint that might have been overlooked by administration. This can be especially true for remote, traveling, or temporary employees.

Let employees know what happens if they leave the company

Many people call into Greenshades and ask us to provide them with login information once they have left a company. They fear that once they have left, they are no longer able to access their employee portal to receive their tax forms. Educate your employees that this information is available and provide them with a reminder of their login information upon leaving. This will cut down on calls to your HR department, as well, during an already busy season.

These suggestions have helped Greenshades over the years, and we hope they can do the same for you. Whether you use all of these suggestions or just one or two, we hope that these suggestions lead to a healthier implementation on your next project.