Another paper time off request? Let’s save some trees and take vacations

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By Justin Kirkland
Sales Engineer

Justin Kirkland
Justin Kirkland


Who wants some time off of work? Doesn’t everyone? The Greenshades Time Off module allows you to make employee time off requests even easier.

General Settings: The Time Off module has a variety of configurable options, which begin with General settings:

  • Configurable rules on the timing of when Time Off requests can be submitted by employees
  • Adjustable maximums that apply to each Time Off request
  • Increments of time in which Time Off requests can be submitted. For example, allowing users to limit employees to requesting only full or half-days.
  • Details regarding the Time Off balances and how they will be displayed to employees


Approval Settings: There are various approval settings that can be set up within the Time Off module. This allows for Administrators, Managers, or both, to approve time off requests submitted from employees. A popular setting among Greenshades clients is the fourth setting below, which controls when approved Time Off requests are sent to the accounting package. By delaying the approved request’s entry back into payroll, it allows the business to maintain and require the flexibility that may be needed when approved requests may need to be edited or canceled due to changing business needs. This allows HR and Payroll team members to avoid any involvement whatsoever, thereby simplifying the time off request processing during payroll.




Employee Interaction: From, employees are able to submit time off requests for various reasons, with vacation and sick time being the most common time off options. Since these time off options are defined by the Greenshades Online Administrator, the Time Off module could be used for other time off options, such as FMLA or general leave.




Employee Submission: When an employee desires to submit a time off request, all they have to do is select “New Request” and then enter their time off request information in the user-friendly system. Time off requests can even be submitted via the Green Employee mobile app.




Approval Process: Once an employee has saved their request, a Manager or Administrator can approve the request (depending on user defined settings). The Manager or Administrator will receive a notification regarding the pending request, via the Greenshades Online messaging system, and via email. Once approved, the time off will either update the accounting package for processing or the employee’s Greenshades Timesheet will be updated reflecting the approved PTO.
If you like the idea of an easy to use time off request system please feel free to request a demonstration today from our website here.