Why Greenshades Really?

July 2, 2021
By Greenshades Software

By Erica Kasper
Content Marketing Manager

We know there are a lot of payroll and HR software providers out there. We also know that choosing a provider for your HR and payroll software is not a super exciting process. You just want someone who can do the job, minimize your hassle, and let you focus on what matters so you can get back to running your business. We get it, and we’ve built our payroll platform around that very principle. But what specifically makes us different from the others out there?

Greenshades can run your payroll, handle your compliance, manage your employee benefits, and do all the tasks you expect from your payroll and HR software. That’s a given, and we’re very good at those things. But we really stand out in some specific ways:

Cloud-based payroll that is incredibly flexible When you run payroll with Greenshades, you’re not tied to your brick-and-mortar office. You can run payroll from anywhere there’s an internet connection, so whether you’re at home, at work, or at the coffee shop, you can take care of your payroll. What’s more, if you need to step away from what you’re doing, you can pause pay runs in the middle, save your progress, and come back to them later. With Greenshades, you get payroll that can accommodate your life and your schedule, no matter what’s going on.

Confident compliance At Greenshades, we’re tax experts. We know tax codes better than just about anyone. Our automatic tax code assignment means that whether you have employees in one state or in every state in the country, your tax codes will be accurate, not just at the federal and state levels, but also at the local level. Our ACA dashboard ensures that you’re never out of compliance with the ACA, too. And our built-in alerts and error checks notify you of due dates and possible issues before you accrue any costly penalties. Compliance with Greenshades is true peace of mind.

“No float” payroll taxes We’ve talked about this before, but at Greenshades, we don’t require you to pre-fund a payroll tax account. We don’t take your payroll tax money at all; we think YOU should be in control of your cash flow. When you use Greenshades, we alert you when payroll taxes are coming due, but you make the payments directly to the government, not to us. No middleman, no giving up control of your funds, no wondering whether everything was paid on time. It’s your money, and with Greenshades, you manage it yourself.

Employee experience Greenshades is a strong supporter of the “employee first” philosophy. We know that, when employees are engaged and empowered, your business can grow and thrive more effectively. With Greenshades, employees can access a robust self-service module that gives them control over their personal data and other tools. They can submit time off requests via the interface, and managers can approve those requests the same way. All of the employee portal and HR tools are easy to use and simple to navigate, so at all levels, Greenshades ensures a positive employee experience.

These are just some of the ways that Greenshades excels at payroll and HR. We have an average client tenure of more than 11 years, so we must be doing something right! Get to know Greenshades and find out what else sets us apart from the competition. Click below to learn more!

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