Which fields are required to save a record?

March 30, 2016
By Chris Hadden
Chris Hadden, CPP

Chris Hadden, CPP

By Chris Hadden, CPP
Technical Sales Manager


When I first began using GP, I always struggled to remember which fields were required on various windows. I spent far too many months being frustrated, continually seeing the annoying pop-up message of ‘Not all required fields have been entered.’ I always figured there had to be a simpler way of doing things.




A few years, ago I was watching a tips and tricks webinar one day on GPUG and someone shared the very helpful tip of updating the user preferences in GP to better highlight which fields are required. This tip made a huge difference to me, and I’m amazed by how many GP users I meet who haven’t made this simple adjustment.

 The change takes less than 1 minute to apply. Simply to go GP > User Preferences. From the User Preference screen, select ‘Display,’ and then update the required fields’ Font Color and Font Style. I found Red font color and Bold font style to work the best.

 Hope this helps you as much as it helped me!


Here is a before view. Hard to know which fields are required unless you have setup many employee cards in the past.


Here is the after view. Even a novice GP user will know which fields are required on this screen.