Use strong passwords
January 5, 2017
By Greenshades Software

By Greenshades Security

In preparation for the upcoming tax season, the Internal Revenue Service is urging all Employees and companies to take steps to fight against identity theft and tax fraud. Greenshades wants to help you secure your year-end tax filing and tax form services.

In this blog post, we want to remind you to make sure you have established strong passwords for your Greenshades and other online accounts. A strong password serves as the first line of defense to stop hackers and identity thieves from accessing your computer, online accounts, mobile phone and other internet-accessible devices.

Here are a few basic steps to making passwords better and stronger:

  1. Add password protections to all devices. You should use a password to protect any device that gives you that opportunity. Not only your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, but also your wireless network. The password is your first line of defense.
  2. Change all factory or default password settings. If your device or account comes with default password settings, for example, the camera on your laptop, change it immediately.
  3. Longer is better. A password should be a minimum of eight digits but 10 to 12 is even better. It should be a combination of upper case and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Do not use personal information like your name, birth date, or social security number – and don’t use common words.
  4. Do not repeat passwords. These days, people often have multiple, password-protected accounts. Do not re-use the same password. Should a thief steal your password, he potentially could gain access to other accounts that use the same password. Use different passwords, especially on important financial or tax accounts.
  5. Use two-factor authentication options. Greenshades gives you the option to set up a two-factor or two-step authentication process. This process requires you to 1) enter your username and password correctly and then 2) enter a unique key that is sent to your cell phone in order to access your account. Access to your account is granted only after both pieces of information are provided and authenticated.
  6. Consider a password manager. One option for keeping track of your passwords on multiple accounts and getting help in creating strong passwords is to use a secure password manager. Some reputable companies offer free or low-cost versions of their products. See if a password manager might be right for you.
  7. Do not share passwords. Each account you use should be your own account and you should not share your password with anyone else.

Greenshades Security Tips:

  • Enable two-factor authentication for your Greenshades account. Two-factor authentication This requires that you to 1) enter your username and password correctly and then 2) enter a unique key that is sent to your cell phone in order to access your account. This makes it harder for anyone from to access your account, even they guess your password.1 - Admin 2FA
  • Require your employees to use strong passwords. GreenshadesOnline allows you to set the complexity requirements for your employees’ passwords. If you use this to require strong passwords, your employees will be required to use strong passwords that are less likely to be guessed.2 - Password Complexity Setup
  • Encourage your employees to enable two-factor authentication. The same two-factor authentication feature available to you is also available to employees.3 - Employee 2FA
  • Provide employee mobile phone numbers and email addresses to Greenshades. Greenshades offers enhanced options to verify the identity of employees who are creating a Greenshades account for the first time. For example, if you provide Greenshades with employee mobile phone numbers and emails, you can enable more secure options for employee authentication. The mobile phone number or email can be used to authenticate employees when they first set up their accounts by requiring them to enter a unique code that we send directly to their phone numbers or email addresses. If mobile phone numbers and email addresses are not available for employees, other options are available.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact