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Three Ways to Engage and Empower Remote Employees
November 18, 2020
By Greenshades Software

By Erica Kasper

Content Marketing Manager

Raise your hand if you’ve worked remotely in recent months.

For many businesses, that’s most if not all employees. The world was already becoming more work-from-anywhere friendly from a technology standpoint, and with the pandemic, many companies are encouraging workers to do their jobs from the safety of their homes.

Now raise your hand if working remotely has made you feel less engaged with your company.

It’s difficult to maintain employee engagement and keep morale up when the workforce is scattered. Teleconferencing and streamed meetings can help, but if the office is empty and everyone is in their own isolated bubble, often in different states and time zones, the group dynamic can suffer.

Lower engagement can also mean lower productivity. A happy, engaged workforce is one that helps the company excel, so it’s in every business’s best interest to keep engagement high and morale up. But when your employees can’t be together in one place, how can you keep them engaged, productive and happy? Here are three tips to help your company achieve that goal.

  1. Communication and interaction across multiple platforms – Use the tech tools you have available to stay on your employees’ radar. Send updates, news and other information via email, messaging, videos, etc. Broadcasting tools can help you send messages to everyone, even those who don’t have a company email address. Schedule social or team-building events via teleconferencing or streaming video so that everyone can participate. One thing to remember: Keep the communication frequent and helpful, but don’t bombard your staff with things they don’t need to know, or they’ll hit a saturation point and tune out.
  2. Accessibility – This applies to both your software platforms and yourself. When your employees are expected to work from anywhere, be sure to use software that is cloud-based so it can be accessed on the go. The more portable and flexible your software, the better. For new hires and onboarding, make sure trainings and orientations are available on-demand and online, ideally in one central place for ease of use. In addition, make sure workers know they can come to you with questions, feedback or other concerns. Invite suggestions for remote team-building activities. Request comments on what’s working and what isn’t. Make your employees feel seen and heard.
  3. Employee Self-Service – Putting power in your employees’ hands is a great way to foster engagement. One example of this is with payroll. When it comes to your payroll and HR software, be sure to include employee self-service features so that your workers can access and edit their information themselves, from anywhere. This allows workers to feel in control of their data, which increases engagement. It also has the added bonus of taking some of the workload off your HR and payroll staff, as they won’t have to act as intermediaries between your employees and their profiles for things like minor data changes.

Empowering and engaging remote employees is a real challenge in this climate, but it’s not impossible. If you want more information about using a payroll and HR platform that includes employee self-service and cloud-based accessibility, click here to learn more about Greenshades.