The Payroll Playoffs – It’s Time!

March 17, 2021
By Greenshades Software

It’s a month of big matchups and busted brackets. At Greenshades, we’re celebrating the main event: The Payroll Playoffs! There are tons of payroll options out there, but when it comes to finding the right one for your business, it’s important to choose one with the features that come out ahead of the pack. Check out how Greenshades measures up to the competition – and leaves them in the dust!

Outsourced vs in-house payroll: This matchup pits an in-house software solution against outsourced payroll options, and we predict a clear winner here. In-house payroll keeps the control in your hands from start to finish. You manage your own cash flow, you keep all your data securely with you, and you ensure your own compliance. No question: In-house payroll is on top!

Unified platform vs Multiple pieces: Some businesses use piecemeal software with modules that come from different sources. That’s no match for a unified platform, though. An all-in-one payroll platform means that data can flow freely between modules, and every user has the same experience when they use the system. Our pick in this fight: Unified platform all the way!

Designed for one ERP vs ERP-agnostic: This is a pretty one-sided battle, in our eyes. Software that’s designed for one ERP may work in the short term, but when your company grows or you decide to change ERPs, you’re stuck. An ERP-agnostic payroll platform is ideal, with the flexibility to grow with your business and work with any ERP you put in place. Winner winner chicken dinner: ERP-agnostic!

Limited accessibility vs Cloud-based accessibility: What year is it again? A payroll platform that’s accessible only through an office computer or system might have worked back in the day, but this is 2021. Cloud-based payroll means you can run payroll from anywhere, anytime. It’s flexible and portable for today’s increasingly remote workforce. The champ for this bracket: Cloud-based accessibility!

Compliant across many jurisdictions vs Compliant at the state/federal level only: Here’s another matchup that shows which side is truly up to the demands of the modern workforce. With so many people working remotely, many companies must juggle not just state and federal compliance, but local jurisdictions, as well. The best payroll platform is one that has compliance at the core, so no matter where an employee is located, compliance is covered. In this showdown, the most jurisdictions make the winner!

Standard service vs Top-tier support: Standard is fine when you’re looking for a serviceable shirt or a cereal bowl, but not when it comes to your customer support. The better the service and support are, the better experience you’ll have with your payroll software company. Why settle for less than awesome? Top-tier rates at the top for this pairing!

Employee self-service vs HR-managed data: In a battle of managing resources, it should be obvious who the winner is. Letting employees manage their personal data means they are empowered to control their own information. At the same time, it frees up your HR staff from having to handle all employee data requests themselves. Saving time, saving resources, and giving your employees control? Employee self-service wins this round!

Work-from-home capability vs In-office required: This is a no-brainer. Remote work is here to stay, gig work is on the rise, and in the modern workspace, employees are spread out and working from anywhere. Why would you want to require your team to be in a brick-and-mortar office if they don’t have to be? Use a payroll platform that has full functionality from anywhere, with work-from-home features designed specifically for the remote workforce. For this bracket, the best of the best is work-from-home capability!

Now that we know who the winners are for each matchup, what payroll platform features all of these and more? The Greenshades Payroll Platform. When you’re ready to put the winner of the Payroll Playoffs in your corner, email us at and set up a demo.