The difference Greenshades Online makes on a typical Friday
February 11, 2016
By Greenshades Software

By Brittany Llorente
Media Marketing Associate

Brittany Llorente

Brittany Llorente


After working for a few companies, varying in size and technology levels, I found that every single one had a different way of processing timesheets, clocking in and out, and how I was paid. Then I started working for Greenshades and I was enlightened to the way that businesses could handle day-to-day processes. We use our own products here at Greenshades; so when we say how easy our products are, it’s because we use them every day.

To show the difference that Greenshades Online can make on a normal Friday, we would like to introduce to you, two hypothetical employees. The first is Jim General. Jim works for a company that does not have Greenshades Online at his place of employment. On the other hand, Pam Green works for a company that uses Greenshades Online.

Clocking in/out

When Jim arrives at work, he grabs his paper timesheet and looks at the clock to write down when he arrived at work. Jim places the sheet back in his folder and starts his usual duties. When Jim is ready to go to lunch, he goes back to the paper timesheet and writes down when he clocks out, then clocks back in after lunch.  At the end of the day, he takes that paper and jots down when he leaves, making sure to put the paper back.

When Pam arrives for work, she opens the Greenshades Online portal and presses the clock in button. Whenever Pam needs to clock in and out, whether for lunch or the end of the day, it is as simple as a button click.





Jim realizes it is Friday and that it’s payday. Jim wonders how much he is getting paid, but would have to bother someone in the payroll department to find out, so he waits. He looks at the clock, waiting for 5 p.m. to come around so his manager can distribute their checks. Jim finally gets his check and heads to the bank to deposit it.

Pam realizes it’s Friday and it’s payday. She already received a notification earlier in the week to let her know that her paystub was available, via email. Pam logs onto the employee portal and views her paystub. Pam also enrolled in direct deposit through the employee portal, so she can rest easy knowing her pay has already been deposited in her bank account.  Once the end of the day comes around, she is able to head home and enjoy her weekend.





Jim remembers that he has a vacation coming up and needs to submit a Paid Time Off request. Jim goes to HR to find out how much paid time off he has. After he finds out, Jim prints off the request, fills it out, and then gives it to his manager. His manager puts it on his desk and says he will it to Human Resource or Payroll Department, later. Jim hopes his manager doesn’t forget about the request. Later that week, Jim goes to his manager and asks if his request has been submitted. The payroll department  did receive it, thankfully.

Pam wants to go on vacation, too. She logs onto her employee portal and pulls up the Paid Time Off portal. The portal shows her exactly how much time off she has used, and how much is available. She clicks the dates on the calendar for when she would like to take off. Pam then hits submit without printing a single piece of paper. Pam’s manager receives a notification on their computer of a PTO request, and they click ‘approve.’ Pam is then sent a notification that her time off request had been approved.


Time Off


Expense report

Last week, Jim took a client out to lunch and has a receipt he has been hanging onto. He prints out an expense report, fills out the information, and attaches the receipt to it. Jim gives the paper to his manager, who then takes the paper to the correct department. When Jim’s reimbursement is processed, he is given another paper check that he must take to the bank.

Pam had some travel expenses and needs to submit an expense report. She took a picture of her hotel receipt with her phone and uploaded it to the employee portal. She then pulled up the expense reports section, filled in the information, and attached the receipt. Pam’s manager approved the expense report after receiving the notification, and Pam received a notification as well, that her expense report had been approved. When Pam’s reimbursement is processed, it is added to her next paycheck. No separate check needed to worry about cashing.


Expense Reports


With Greenshades Online, the above processes are streamlined. Managers and employees find that their ability to submit forms are made simpler and that there are no trails of paper to run around an office with in the hopes that it does not get lost.

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