The difference Greenshades Online makes on a typical Friday (Part 2)

March 18, 2016
By Greenshades Software

By Brittany Llorente
Media Marketing Associate

Brittany Llorente

Brittany Llorente


Back in February, we published a blog titled The Difference Greenshades Online makes on a typical Friday.  This blog laid out the differences between an employee working for a company using Greenshades Online, Pam, and someone who is not using Greenshades Online, Jim.

This was only one side of the story, though. What about the payroll and HR departments?

When a business or organization implements Greenshades online, it benefits the employees as well as those in Human Resource and Payroll. Both of these blogs focus on the relationship between an administrator and an employee, and how Greenshades Online can improve that relationship and their interactions making for a more pleasant working.

To show what differences Greenshades Online can make in your departments, we would like to introduce to you, two hypothetical employees. The first is Robin, she is the payroll and HR lead for a company that uses Greenshades Online. Ted, however, has the same position in a company that does not have Greenshades Online.



When timesheets are due, Ted gets a steady stream of timesheets to his desk and his inbox. Ted carefully enters the timesheets into the system to make sure that the dates and times are correct for each employee. Ted notices that a manager has not signed off on one of the timesheets. He stops what he is doing and finds the manager to sign off on it. Luckily, the manager is found and he signs the time sheet. Ted goes back to his desk, resumes his entries.

Robin opens Greenshades Online and sees all the timesheets that are sent from the managers with their approval. All of the timesheets have been electronically submitted, requiring Robin to only click approve and submit. She hardly needs to even lift a finger.



Ted was just delivered the paper checks. He divides the paper checks up into different departments, and managers; he then delivers the checks to them. An employee comes to Ted’s office and says he can’t find his paycheck. His paycheck was brought to the wrong manager. He finds the check and delivers it to the employee.

On payday, Robin knows that her employees have enrolled in direct deposit through Greenshades Online. Robin is free to answer employee’s questions should they arise. An employee needs a reprint? No problem, the employee can handle this on their own through the self-service application.



An employee comes to Ted to ask him about his paid time off balance. It is not displayed on his paystub and he wants to take a vacation. Ted is interrupted and pauses what he is doing to answer the question. After some calculations, Ted tells the employee his balance. Later that day, a paper comes across Ted’s desk for a PTO request. It has been approved by the manager; Ted deducts the PTO request from the employee’s current balance and enters it into the payroll system.

Robin logs into Greenshades Online and sees that a PTO request has been submitted, which she was already alerted to via email notification. Not only was the employee able to view their time off balance, but they were even able to request the days off they needed. The employee requested was easily submitted it to a manager, a manager approved it, and Robin simply clicks submit. This information is then updated in the payroll system.


Greenshades Online provides ease of use for everyone. Get back to doing the important things and leave the small tasks to the employee portal.

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