The benefits of employee perks

March 25, 2016
By Greenshades Software
Brittany Llorente

Brittany Llorente

By Brittany Llorente
Media Marketing Associate


Each business has different benefits for their employees. There are many benefits to an employer for providing these day-to-day perks. Employee engagement is not only a buzz word for employers and Human resource departments, it is one of the keys for employee retention.

Greenshades offers a multitude of employee benefits and perks, and as an employee who enjoys these, I genuinely appreciate the effort and steps that Greenshades takes to go the extra mile. However, these are also benefits that businesses all over the country have implemented. I am one of the thousands of employees that receive benefits from my employer. . Here are some of the benefits and perks that have shown positive results for the whole company.

Employee Snacks

There are a variety of snacks available in our break room; from pretzels to coffee, to granola bars and popcorn, our break room is stocked with a quick snack for all of our employees. In a story published by USA Today titled, Study: The key to happiness at work is free snacks, a study performed by a grocery delivery service found that while 56 percent of full-time employees are happy with their current job, the happiness level increases to 67 percent with those who have access to free food.

For a business, employers found that access to snacks increases productivity. Employees no longer find the need to leave work to get a quick snack or a coffee from the local café. Instead, their trip to the break room will take a few moments and then they’re back to work and being productive.

How much time do your employees spend away from the office getting snacks? “A 2011 study found that half of all workers left work to get snacks at least once a day,” according to a Bloomberg article on the hazards of getting rid of office snacks. It also found that snack runs counted for 2.4 billion hours of lost productivity in the United States.

In addition, a prospective employer was also more likely to choose an employer that offered free food and snacks over one that didn’t.

Gym Memberships

A healthy employee is a happy employee. In a New York Times article discussing the benefits of employers assisting with discount memberships to local gyms, the article states that workers who are offered a membership discount are three times more likely to exercise than those who are not. “The benefit to employees is clear but the value for employers is also tangible: When employees exercise more often and eat better, morale improves, productivity increases and health care costs go down.”

With similar interests beyond work, employees also find an improved engagement with their co-workers by being able to exercise together. Increased exercise is also linked to improved confidence and can help improve self-esteem.

Company events

Team building and events can help employees feel closer. Even though some employees spend more than 40 hours a week working with each other, there is a different bonding opportunity presented in organizing company events.

In an article by BizJournals, it found that organized activities for employees can “make employees feel closer, provide face time and bonding opportunities, and contribute to a positive workplace culture.”

Particularly for a company like Greenshades where we have several different departments that often don’t get to , it is invaluable for employees to put a face to the name of the person that they email or talk with on a daily basis.

Our company offers some less traditional event and team building activities. Our activities include an annual printer smash (think of Office Space), paintball and video game tournaments, costume contests, waffle days, habitat for humanity builds, and more.

These events are not only fun for the employees but make the employees more engaged with the company that they work for. This makes an employee more committed to their job. Job commitment leads to increased productivity and employee morale.


Think about what you can add to your repertoire of perks and benefits for your employees. If your company has been looking for ways to engage your employees, maybe one of these will help. As an employee who enjoys benefits like these, I can say that it has made a large difference in my work-life.