Tax Filing Center Download

Tax Filing Center Download

Supporting Documentation

System Requirements

  • Latest Version of Microsoft .NET Framework (Full version)

    The Microsoft .NET Framework adds an extra layer of functionality to your version of Microsoft Windows that Greenshades solutions utilize. The following link will take you to a Microsoft webpage. Please follow all instructions for downloading and installing the .NET Framework before continuing.
  • Internet Connection

    The Tax Filing Center must be connected to the internet in order to create tax returns that are compliant with the latest government specifications. It should be run from a machine with an active business-class internet connection that is not blocked by internal firewall, proxy, or other security measures.
  • Accounting Package Patches

    Please be sure you have applied the latest patches to your accounting system, particularly any year-end payroll or HR patches. The Tax Filing Center relies on the payroll and many year-end updates that are provided by your accounting system vendor.
  • Tax Filing Center Updater Patch

    The Tax Filing Center Updater Patch is automatically installed by most Tax Filing Center setup wizards but technical support may ask you to reinstall using this link. This patch is designed to streamline the update process for the Tax Filing Center, giving better notification and faster transmission of both critical and minor updates. Download the Updater Patch
  • Database Version

    If your accounting package is built on top of a Microsoft SQL Server database then SQL Server 2005 or later is required.

Launching the Tax Filing Center

Tax Filing Center is integrated directly into your accounting package.
  • Dynamics GP Users

    The Tax Filing Center can be launched from Routines > Payroll > Greenshades. Depending on your version of Dynamics, Routines may be found under the ‘Tools’ menu.
  • Darwin Users

    The Tax Filing Center can be launched from Routines > Payroll > Greenshades. Depending on your version of Darwin, Routines may be found under the ‘Tools’ menu.


The first time you launch the Tax Filing Center, you will be prompted to enter your Registration Key. This key was emailed to you when you first registered the product. If you need this information again, you can access this by clicking the MyGreenshades link above and logging in using your registered email address.

Download the Tax Filing Center

Once you’ve installed the system requirements, you may download and install the Tax Filing Center. Choose the link below that matches the accounting system used by your company. The Tax Filing Center Installation Guide will walk you through each step of the installation process.