Spring cleaning and administrator clean up: why are these related?
April 5, 2017
By Greenshades Software
Justin Kirkland

       Justin Kirkland

By Justin Kirkland
Senior Sales Engineer

Not only is it the time of year for spring cleaning, as you can tell by looking in my garage, it’s also time to clean up your admin list. We want you to make sure that the list of administrators tied to your companies Greenshades Online website is up to date as well.

An administrator can very easily remove unneeded admins for your company by going to My.Greenshades.com and logging in, then access the contacts tab. This will present a list of authorized contacts for your company. If an administrator is on this list, they are able to contact and work with us here at Greenshades regarding your company’s sensitive data. Every company has turnover or employees that move on to another workplace. When this inevitably happens, it is best to update this list of contacts.

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Not only will updating this list keep your data more secure and keep your admins up to date with any automated emails from the Greenshades team, but it will also declutter the system for future use.

The emails from Greenshades contain information on updates, year-end form pricing, educational webinars, security awareness, and more.

Other items unneeded administrators could access and potentially cause harm with:

  • Pay History
  • Employee Personal Information like addresses, phone numbers, Social Security Number, dependent information.
  • W-2 and 1095 forms
  • Employee login information

So, when you get a chance to put down the broom and dustpan, make sure you clean up your admin list as well. After all, cleaning helps give better peace of mind.