Share the Love: Four Ways to Make Employees Feel Valued
February 3, 2021
By Greenshades Software

It’s February, the month for sharing the love. It’s a great time to show your employees that you care about them as valued members of your team. With many companies still working remotely, teambuilding and employee empowerment can be increasingly challenging, and it might be tempting to let these things slide.

In a word: DON’T. An engaged team means higher productivity, lower turnover, and a better brand reputation as people associate your company with happy employees. Not sure what to do to show your employees some love? Don’t worry; we have some great tips to help your workers feel affirmed and supported.

Be visible and keep your “door” open, even when working remote – It’s tougher to engage with coworkers when you can’t just walk down the hall or knock on a door, but it’s still vital that your team knows you are available and welcoming. Build trust and engagement with your employees by being present for them. Simply designating a couple of hours per week as virtual “drop in” time can ensure your workers know you’re there for them and eager to help if they need you, even at a distance.

Reward your people (they’ve earned it) – Rewards can come in many shapes and sizes. You can bring pizza or donuts to the office. You can set up an in-house points system that teams or individuals can use to rack up points toward rewards like time off or restaurant gift cards. You can post acknowledgements and shout-outs on social media to recognize your team. Rewards don’t have to be huge, but the thought really does count, and this is the most direct way to make your workers feel appreciated.

Communicate, communicate, communicate – In any relationship, communication is key, and your relationship with your employees is no exception. Don’t just tell them what they do wrong; tell them what they do RIGHT. Dole out praise as often as you can for a job well done. And on the flipside, encourage them to provide feedback on their management and on the company as a whole. Your employees have valuable insights, and when you take the time to listen, you also make them feel appreciated and validated.

Make company resources as accessible as possible – Your team may be in the office, working from home, or scattered across many states and cities, but each member needs to have the same access to software tools as the others. Using payroll and HR software with a robust employee self-service module ensures that your workers can access what they need at any time, from anywhere. When employees can manage their own data, request time off, and handle other tasks from an app, they feel more connected and engaged. As a bonus, there’s less pressure on your HR team’s time and resources when employees can manage their own profiles.

Making employees feel appreciated and valued does not have to be complicated or difficult. An engaged workforce makes your company better. If you would like to learn more about employee self-service options that empower your workers to manage their data, check out the Greenshades Payroll Platform with its Employee Self-Service module!