Release Notes – Payroll – 10/28/2020
October 28, 2020
By Greenshades Software

Anticipated Release – 10/28/20

Bankruptcy Garnishments

Bankruptcy garnishments are now natively support within the payroll module and can be assigned to any employee as needed. These garnishments act like all other garnishments and automatically pull in to appropriate pay runs as configured.

Foreign Military Base Taxes

On the employee profile, an employee’s location can be set to a military base. When that employee is paid via payroll, they are taxed correctly. This is most useful for employees who are working part-time for a US-based company while stationed abroad.

Earnings Import Improvements

When Uploading the earnings import, some errors result in a non-specific error of “Error: Failed to import for the following reasons: null”. We’ve updated these to be more specific and useful, for example: “Error: Failed to import for the following reasons: Invalid Base Code Name value (‘Salary’)”

General UI Improvements

  • Added better tooltips to earnings imports
  • Update the minutes and hours on the final pay stub preview modal so that 40 hours, 61 minutes appears correctly as 41 hours, 1 minute
  • Improved loading times for the pay schedule modal

Past Updates