Release Notes – Mobile Apps – 11/18/2019

November 18, 2019
By Greenshades Software
Mobile Apps Release Notes

Anticipated Release – 11/18/2019

Mobile Module

Administrators can now require that every employee use two-factor authentication when logging into Green Employee.

A new setting in Workplace Settings > Access Settings > Employee Access > Account Security manages this functionality.

Employees who already use two-factor authentication will see no change when this setting is enabled. However, employees who do not have two-factor enabled will be forced to enable it upon their next log in.

New employees creating accounts for the first time will be forced to enable two-factor authentication upon their first log in.

Administrators can disable two-factor authentication for individual employees. This option is available regardless of whether two-factor authentication is mandatory for the workspace.

This is done through the Manage Employee Account tab of the Employee Access settings.

Clicking “Edit” next to an employee’s name will reveal this option.

If mandatory two-factor authentication is enabled at the workspace level, that employee will be prompted to re-enable two-factor authentication when they log in next.

If mandatory two-factor authentication is disabled, the employee will still be able to enable two-factor authentication from within Green Employee.

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