Release Notes – Greenshades Online – 7/21/2021

July 21, 2021
By Greenshades Software

Anticipated Release – 7/21/2021

Greenshades Online Employee Services

Navigation: > Employees > Benefits > Eligibility Changes

Enhanced Feature:

Administrators are now able add the ‘Position’ field to the benefit package changes grid.  This can be done via the “Add Column” tab on the upper righthand side of the grid.

Navigation: > Settings > Benefits > Life Insurance

Enhanced Feature:

Greenshades now supports life insurance plans that calculate the reduction in spousal coverage by the employee’s age. Historically, the Greenshades system has only supported plan set up that used the spouse’s age to calculate the reduction in life insurance coverage. Now, through the selection of the new checkbox when setting up the spouse coverage in the plan set up, the system will use the employee’s age to calculate the reduced coverage for the employee’s spouse. All coverage amounts are calculated automatically and can be seen by the employee during the enrolment process.

Navigation: > Benefits > Enrollment Event

Enhanced Feature:

GreenEmployee will now pre-populate any employee beneficiary data for an employee that has already enrolled in a benefit of that type. So, if an employee has previously enrolled in 401k, when they go to update this benefit, they will see their beneficiaries pre-selected from their previous enrollment.

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