Product Update: Dynamics Payroll Inspector & Benefits

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By Product Management Team
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Dynamics Payroll Inspector Updates

Full-Time Status widget
A new setting has been added to indicate if your company supports mileage or piecework based employees through piecework pay codes set up in GP. If this setting is checked as enabled, two additional columns will display in the updated pay codes selection grid (below). The admin may then choose which pay codes are set up as piecework in GP and enter pieces per hour to convert pieces/miles/units to hours worked in determining the employee’s full-time status during a given measurement period.
DPI Picture 1
Coverage widget
  • A new setting has been added to indicate if your company offers coverage to eligible new hires before it is required by the ACA following their Limited Non-Assessment Period (first day of the month following 90 days of employment). The admin may enter 0-90 days in this field and the Payroll Inspector will respect that setting when alerting to coverage requirements and determining Line 14 and 16 codes for your employees’ 1095-C forms.
  • Another new setting was added to select which date field in GP should be recognized as your employee’s Coverage End Date. By default, Payroll Inspector uses the Last Day Worked field from GP. However, we have expanded the options to include Inactive/Terminated Date from GP or extend to the last day of the month following Inactive/Termination date. This will help to more accurately determine Line 16 codes for your employees’ 1095-C forms.
DPI Picture 2
The Benefits module within GreenEmployee has an upcoming release of a new feature for IRS Group Term Life (GTL) calculations and updates its logic in accordance with the Affordable Car Act’s 2016 instruction updates.
IRS Group Term Life (GTL)
  • Support was added to the existing Group Term Life (GTL) tax calculation for employer paid life insurance in excess of 50k to be calculated appropriately and synced to the correct GP codes.
2016 Affordable Care Act Updates
  • Updated the Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Offer requirement to 95% for 2016
  • Updated the Federal Poverty Line thresholds to $11,880 and 9.66% for 2016
  • Admins will now be able to view Lines 14-16 codes/amount (1095-C Part II – pictured to the right) through the employee card ACA Details page, as well as covered individual information (1095-C Part III – pictured below) for employees enrolled in self-insured coverage.