Prepping for Open Enrollment

October 14, 2021
By Greenshades Software

It’s October, everyone, and that means the season for three important things– pumpkin spice, Sunday night football, and Open Enrollment prep! Open Enrollment is the timeframe when an organization’s benefit-eligible employees can update or enroll in any benefits offered to them by their employer without needing a qualifying event or reason to change their elections. For most organizations on a calendar year plan (January to December), Open Enrollment starts for employees in November.

However, employers need to start earlier preparing both their HR teams and their employees for the upcoming enrollment period.

So, employers, where should you start? Here are a few tips:

Communicate Early!

Let’s be honest, open Enrollment can be a stressful experience for even the most tenured employees. Once you have solidified next plan year’s offerings (especially medical), compile and send documentation to your employees so they have plenty of time before their enrollment period begins to make an educated decision.

Consider an FAQ page.

Every year may bring the same questions from your employees: How do I update my dependents? What is a deductible? How can I tell if my Primary Care Provider is in-network?  If this is the case, consider providing your employees with a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page or email. You can even add it as a company bulletin for your employees on GreenEmployee!

Solidify your setup.

With working from home becoming the new norm for many employers, going paperless with an online benefit enrollment system is a no-brainer. Greenshades provides your employees with a single easy-to-use platform to view benefit documentation, update their dependents, and compare plans to choose the best election for them and their families. To ensure the smoothest process for you and your employees, start your Open Enrollment setup in Greenshades as early as you can. If you would like help from Greenshades experts in setting up your new plan year, contact us for more information on our new concierge Open Enrollment Setup service.

Automate your provider connections.

Once you have solidified your health benefits, consider automating enrollment data delivery to your carriers with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Greenshades offers health, dental, and vision EDI carrier feeds. Setup can take up to 12 weeks, so contact us today for more details and to see a demo of Greenshades’ Employee Benefits Management software.

By Greenshades Software