My GPUG Summit experience

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8,000 people.

One Dynamics community.

As everything came to a close on Friday evening, and we packed our van, loaded up our buoys and beach balls, we were all exhausted. The week had been a whirlwind of conversations, great times, coffee and tea, and great food.

After a few days of recuperation, digging business cards out of my lanyard, and temporarily retiring my lifeguard visor, flip flops, and shorts, I felt a recap of GPUG Summit was due.

Dylan Kantzler, Kevin Chernitsky, Bryan Cody, Justin Kirkland and Matt Torrie (lifted) at the Greenshades booth at GPUG Summit.
Photo 2
Belinda Allen, GPUG All-Star, was spotted with a coveted Greenshades tumbler.

Tuesday – This was really the kick off of our GPUG Summit experience. A few members of our crew went to set up at the booth. Afterward, we had a quick lunch and then all of us reported to booth 612.

The opening reception was rather incredible. I have never been in a situation where we had 9 people in a booth and everyone was incredibly busy and having multiple conversations at once. Our booth was a hit! We were dubbed as the “fun booth” even before the conference started by some of our neighboring booths. We gave out cozies, beach balls, green shades (sun glasses), and the ever popular Greenshades Tumblers.

We were the envy of many attendees, being able to dress in shorts and flip flops, opposed to the ties, pants, dresses, and heels that the others were wearing.

“We want to save you from drowning in paper!” We are your lifeguards and ready to help businesses to either e-file or let us handle your print and mail needs.

We headed to the Njevity party afterward at Ferg’s Live. We saw so many people there and thanked the people at Njevity for hosting.

Several of us took turns in the photo booth, a few of the Greenshades team members went up and sang Karaoke.

Harry Hartman was snapped by Pam Misialek at the NJevity party booth.



First stop was the Greenshades sponsor showcase, “2016 Payroll Regulation Changes: Ensure You Are Prepared Presented by Greenshades Software.”

Our attendance had the room bursting at the seams. We had 64 payroll and HR professionals in chairs, standing in the back and to the hallway, to sitting on the floor in the front.

2016 payroll changes are coming and from the feedback from our session, there were many who were surprised over some of the changes. In particular were the overtime changes, as well as the date changes for the 1099 filing to the IRS.

Photo 4
Molly Van Kampen, CPP, in front of a packed room during the Greenshades Sponsor Showcase session focused on year-end changes for 2016.

The next session was the Managing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting Nightmare session with Molly Van Kampen, CPP, as well as Terry Heley, Escalation Engineer at Microsoft, and Dan Doolin of Integrity Data.

The session gave us a lot of feedback regarding what payroll professionals are looking for in ACA software. It was also a great time for users to ask Terry Heley about what changes were being made to GP to help facilitate handling the 1095-C forms.

Photo 5
Terry Heley, Dan Doolin, and Molly Van Kampen, CPP, at the Affordable Care Act session


The open forum style of the session was beneficial for everyone, including the presenters.

Our second night of expo hours were just as busy as the first. Like the nights before, we had Justin and Kevin who provided technical and more in-depth support answers. They proved an invaluable resource at the booth for answering questions of those who were looking for the technical side of the Greenshades process.

That night the group split up to go to different parties. Most of the crew went to the very last at GPUG Summit Rock N’ Rave. Bryan and Tyler said they had a great time at the event.

Matt and I went to the Buccaneer Bash at Gasbar’s Grotto. The venue was laid out well and there were a lot of people there having a great time. Thank you to the sponsors of this event, the main sponsor being Columbus.


Bryan getting to touch a stingray at the Florida Aquarium.

We were all up and at em’ for the expo. Some of us were able to explore the expo during this day and we were happy for the opportunity. Sporting our unconventional convention garb, we stood out brightly in green.

Back at the booth, we had a steady wave of visitors to our booth. People who stopped by the booth on Wednesday or had seen our session on Tuesday were ready with more questions about the Overtime regulations and the 1099 filing dates (January 31st for those who didn’t make it).

After the expo, we headed to the Aquarium where Docuphase, Targit, and Envista were holding some evening entertainment. Several of the team members, including Bryan, were able to touch a stingray.

The venue was interesting for those who had never been to the aquarium (like me).  Seeing the sharks, Cletus the goliath Grouper, and the other inhabitants of the aquarium, was a delight.

We also headed to Fastpath’s party at the Cuban Club where there was an excellent band and tasty pizza.


In the morning, Bryan and I headed to the 1099 Session held by Thomas Weaver of Excelsior College. The session featured two of Greenshades’ products, the Tax Filing Center, and Year-End forms, and instruction how Greenshades files 1099 forms. Here are three takeaways from the session

  1. Greenshades’ software allows the user to bypass creating their own credentials on the IRS website. The filing of the 1099 forms is done with Greenshades credentials and therefore the user doesn’t need to give their own information (including information like gross adjusted income) for a business task.
  2. Greenshades will give the user a list of vendors, whose TIN doesn’t match what the IRS has on file. This information can be easily edited and prior to submission.
  3. The 1099 form (reporting box 7 payments) needs to be filed to the IRS on Jan. 31, 2017 for the 2016 year-end.

The third was the doozy. We had a few people stop by the booth after that session to ask about how Greenshades can help them so they won’t have to scramble to meet this new escalated deadline.

photo 7
(From left to right) Barbara Gavron, Jacksonville GPUG leader, Brittany, and Laureen Mobley, of the Jacksonville Zoo and also a Jacksonville GPUG leader.


The last two expo hours went by fast. We saw quite a few people including some new faces, and some familiar faces from Jacksonville.

At 2 p.m. we said farewell to the last folks who came by our booth and started packing it up.

After the expo was over, Molly had a repeat of the ACA session with Terry and Dan. The questions in the session were varied from the first one, which made it easy for it to be a session that could have been attended twice (and it was by a few people).

Then Summit Wrapped.

I talked with so many people at Summit, and they said that this year was the best one they’ve had. This was the GPUG Summit that made everyone remember that there was a GP User Group. That there were GP users out there who wanted a community and wanted that community heard.

There is a great solace in finding your ‘people’ and there is no better place in the GP world than GPUG Summit.

We are looking forward to next year in Nashville.



Brittany Llorente