“Let Us Handle That”
December 3, 2015
By Greenshades Software

For more than a decade, Greenshades Software has been in Payroll and Tax Filing problem-solving business. It’s what we do!
During that time, we have presented, talked to thousands of people and have even written a few articles on the subject.

For a “Throwback” on this Thursday, we rustled up this oldie (but goodie) article written by Chris Hadden, CPP, for Dynamics University, entitled “Let Us Handle That.” You can find the original post here. The article gives what it can be payroll manager named Sue, and what it could be with Greenshades’ helpful solutions. Enjoy.


Many challenges face Payroll and Human Resource (HR) Administrators today. Cumbersome piles of tax information, W2s, paystubs and time sheets overrun desks. Double entry of information not only reduces efficiency, but doesn’t allow for focus on business essential tasks and questions from employees.  Let’s take a look at a week in the life of Sue, a HR/Payroll Administrator.

Sue welcomes a new employee to the company. After new hire orientation, the new employee fills out new hire forms and direct deposit information. First, he fills out a paper sheet containing employee contact information, which is then transcribed into the system by Sue. Next, he signs up for direct deposit – but he forgot to bring a voided check so Sue must skip this step and make a note to remind him the following day. Then it is off to walking the new employee through a slow and tedious process of reviewing and signing off on company policies and other vital human resource documents.  Additionally, Sue still has to answer regular employee questions and manage her regular daily tasks.

That’s where Greenshades comes in to say, “Let us handle that.”  The Greenshades Online Self-Service portal is a web based application that carries a direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Say goodbye to data entry and have employees complete new hire paperwork and other necessary human resource documents electronically. From employee handbooks, dependent information, emergency contacts, direct deposit enrollment to I-9 E-Verify, Greenshades Online can help from start to finish.


It’s time for Sue to manage time and attendance. She needs to coordinate with her managers and log through paper PTO slips to identify who has asked off for what days – and then verify that the employee actually took the PTO. After Sue has tracked down all of the managers, she collects all of the paper timecards, verifying with managers once again the time is correct.  Finally, she is back at her desk ready for some serious data entry back into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

“Let us handle that.” The Greenshades Online portal is built from the ground up to specifically address the challenges that Microsoft Dynamics GP users face with time and attendance. Why spend thousands of dollars and months of implementation when there is a simple solution that can be setup in about an hour?


Sue is not only running payroll but also has to prepare for Open Enrollment by making hundreds of copies for the upcoming Benefits information plus prepare and update the codes in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Oh, wait! Sue forgot to set up the new employee’s benefits information in Microsoft Dynamics GP on Monday. After setting up the correct benefit and deduction codes, Sue has to remind herself to find out if he is even eligible for Benefits immediately. Which plan was he offered?

“Let us handle that.” Greenshades Online takes the headache of managing benefits away. Sue no longer has to worry about manually setting anything up in Microsoft Dynamics GP, and she certainly does not have to worry about getting any documentation out to the employee –it’s already there on Greenshades’ web-based portal.


Sue is ready to take on some expense reports. After going through logs of emails between managers and employees, she has identified what is owed to the employee. But wait, where is the receipt? Time to track down that employee again. After spending a few hours on this, Sue can start to focus on employee evaluations and performance reviews. She needs to track down all of the managers and remind them of their upcoming employee reviews. Jerry in Logistics lets her know that Tom and Mark have both been having some tardiness issues again. That gets Sue thinking, “I wonder how other employees are doing with tardiness?”

“Let us handle that.” The Greenshades Online portal tracks employee expenses and even allows employees to upload receipts from smartphones. Not only can this help Sue track and approve expenses, but this will even push back directly into Microsoft Dynamics GP upon approval. And while the manager is approving some expenses submitted, they can go ahead and start on the upcoming employee performance evaluations since they are reminded of which employees are coming due – both on Greenshades Online and via automated e-mail reminders.


It’s time for Sue to make sure all employees’ direct deposit statements were sent out. It seemed like such a cost effective choice to offer direct deposit to employees but Sue still has to send out paper statements each week. So, where is the savings?

“Let us handle that.” Greenshades Online shows employees payroll information online. Instead of Sue spending precious time handing out paper earning statements, she can spend her time on more meaningful and business critical operations.


Sue is relaxing with her morning coffee when it hits her. Sue never took care of her payroll taxes this week. It looks like Sue will have to write off this Saturday and head back to the office, run through her necessary reports, navigate through her own Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet that she has been updating for years now, identify the payment amounts due and the returns coming due, and then navigate through all of those challenging websites in order to get these taxes in on time.

“Let us handle that.” Not to worry, the Greenshades Online portal helps manage all of these payroll taxes, track when they are coming due, and even alert Sue via e-mail. And since it is web-based, Sue won’t need to drive into the office to manage this. She can simply log in to the Greenshades Online portal and have these taxes submitted in a matter of minutes.

At Greenshades, we hear these stories every day; they are not new to us. We have been working with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll and HR clients since 1993 and have built solutions to solve everyday Payroll and HR needs. Greenshades is in the business of solving problems for our clients. Payroll and HR aren’t easy, but it can be with a little help. Work smarter. Save time. Save money. Go green.

If you would like more information or have questions, contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner or Greenshades Software directly. Information can be found online at www.greenshades.com.