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By Justin Kirkland
Sales Engineer

Justin Kirkland
Justin Kirkland


Do you find yourself overwhelmed with pay record requests from employees? Email inbox filled with never ending requests, and a stack of paper on your desk that needs distributing to employees? Sounds like a hassle. Let Us Handle That (it is our motto after all). We have a self-service option that helps employees access their own pay history information from almost anywhere, including their phone.

Greenshades Online Pay History module allows payroll administrators to upload pay history to Greenshades Online, allowing employees to access their payroll information in the form of paystubs or direct deposit slips from GreenEmployee .com. We can also host your employee’s tax forms in this module, allowing employees to access their W-2s and 1095-Cs from the same easy to use website.

As an administrator, you are able to control when employees are able to see this information by turning the employee access on or off, as well as hiding the pay history information.



We provide many Dynamics GP and SL templates for paycheck stubs and direct deposit slips allowing you to preview what your employees will see.



In addition, administrators are able to control all information that is shown on the pay stub or direct deposit slips. This allows you to have full control of what your employees are able to see on their pay information. You are also able to control settings such as Direct Deposit information, Routing Numbers, Account Numbers, etc. There is even a miscellaneous section which allows administrators to include other details on payroll check data, such as the Federal Withholding Allowances, and PTO balances.



It’s important that employees are always kept in touch regarding the status of their paycheck, so we have options for notifying employees when new pay history or tax forms are online for employees to view. These notifications can be sent via email and text. Our current clients have found that these options almost eliminate employees from asking if their pay history is ready to be viewed.



For email notifications, these can be a default for all employees or an opt-in setting can be set up. These settings are controlled by the administrators through Greenshades Online. Employees are also able to choose which email address and phone number they would like to use for notifications. We even have employee mobile applications for Apple and Android users to view their pay history with.



Payroll administrators have the added benefit of being able to view all pay history on Greenshades Online. This allows you to filter down to the specific data that you want to view.



In addition, Administrators can create and download batches to distribute pay history information to employees that opted to receive their information on paper. If desired, Greenshades can even print and mail payroll checks or pay history information directly to employees, saving you the labor and supply fees of managing this internally.



From GreenEmployee.com, employees are able to view their pay history and tax forms as mentioned previously in this article. As you can see below, we display PDF versions of W-2 and 1095-C forms for your employees, allowing them to view and download their forms easily online.



So whether it is reducing paper (giving your printer a break) or a break from hearing your inbox ding for another request, there are many helpful ways that the pay history module can help.