Homeland Security announces Tax Identify Theft Awareness Week

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By The Greenshades Security Team


Phishers, scammers, and thieves are a cyber security nightmare.

From January 29 to February 2, Homeland Security and other federal agencies are providing resources to better protect and inform consumers to protect them against those who would steal their tax-related identity and those who pose as the IRS.

In a released publication from Homeland Security titled “Taxes.Security.Together.” here are some tips to keep you and your clients’ information safe online.

Keep Your Computer Secure

  • Use security software and make sure it updates automatically; essential tools include: a firewall, virus/malware protection, and file encryption for sensitive data
  • Treat your personal information like cash, don’t leave it lying around
  • Check out companies to find out who you’re really dealing with
  • Give personal information only over encrypted websites – look for “https” addresses.
  • Use strong passwords and protect them
  • Back up your files

This tip sheet also includes how to avoid phishing and malware, as well as how to protect personal information.

In addition to Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week, Homeland Security announced that January 28 was Data Privacy Day.

Here is a link of helpful links to keeping your data private while roaming the internet.

By following the information presented in these guides, you can minimize your risk of becoming a victim to online identity theft.

As always, if you have any questions regarding security, contact security@greenshades.com. We would be happy to help.