Greenshades is working to keep you secure
March 16, 2016
By Greenshades IT

The IRS is reporting an increase in fraudulent tax filings nationwide, and Greenshades is likewise seeing a marked increase in reports of fraudulent login attempts to some client GreenEmployee portals. There is no indication that any of the information used in these fraudulent login attempts is a result of a technical breach of the Greenshades network. Instead, it appears criminals with personal information obtained from other sources are attempting to log into some GreenEmployee portals.

Greenshades is taking various steps to help maintain the security of client and employee information. This includes proactively monitoring attempts to access the Greenshades network from suspicious IP addresses and requiring that all clients adhere with Greenshades’ recommended log in settings. In the past, Greenshades has allowed the employer to establish its own credentials for log in.

If you have questions or information about fraudulent activity involving the Greenshades network, please contact If you believe that you are the victim of identify theft, or that someone has fraudulently filed a tax return with your identity, please contact the Federal Trade Commission at: