Go green by taking your time clock to the next level

February 3, 2016
By Greenshades Software
Justin Kirkland

Justin Kirkland

By Justin Kirkland
Sales Engineer


In a previous blog, we explored Greenshades time tracking software, focusing on the simplicity of tracking an employee’s time clock entries. Now we’ll take you one step further, covering how the timesheets module can help you tackle payroll effectively (and toss that stack of time sheets on your desk).

In this blog, we will cover how our timesheets module can help you tackle payroll effectively.

Depending on the settings chosen by you as the Greenshades Online administrator, an employee can clock in/out, or add web entries to timesheets, to record their time worked for any given pay period. As you can see in the below example, time off for vacation shows up on the timesheet, thereby identifying the payroll information, and simplifying the process of sending time and attendance data to GP. The end result is a net savings in the amount of time needed to process payroll for your company.




As a Greenshades Online administrator, the bulk of your time will be spent analyzing the timesheet review center.

From the Timesheet Review Center you can do the following:

  • Submit all timesheets
  • Approve all timesheets
  • Send timesheets to payroll in GP for processing
  • Fix any errors and warnings displayed for the timesheets you are working with
  • View details on time entry’s
  • View current clock-ins.




Submitting the timesheets allows you, as the administrator, to view and correct any discrepancies with the timesheets. For example, this could mean cleaning up a data discrepancy between Greenshades and GP. By catching these discrepancies now, you will save yourself more time later on not having to make these adjustments during (or even worse, after) the payroll has been processed.

Once you have corrected any alerts or warnings with your timesheets, the approval process can start. Once you, or the employees’ supervisors, have approved the timesheets, they are ready to be sent to the payroll module in GP. This direct integration is supported with the help of our Greenshades Online Connector, which is included in the Greenshades module.



After choosing a different batch name or leaving it as the default name, all that needs to be done is to verify the total number of timesheets and total hours. Once verified, click send, and then run a sync to carry the recently created batch to the GP Payroll module.




Once the Greenshades Online batch has made it to GP, all that’s left to do is process your company’s payroll.

Now I don’t about you, but this sounds much better to me than manually entering transactions into each payroll batch in GP. And, I’m not the only the one that feels this way – that’s why we have hundreds of companies who process payroll on a weekly basis with the assistance of our module.

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