Four ways that Greenshades can save you time: Part 2 – Time Entry

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Brittany Llorente
Brittany Llorente

By Brittany Llorente
Media Marketing Associate

I’ve worked for many companies before finding a home at Greenshades. Each of them had a different way of doing timesheets, from the punch cards, the printed sheets, and then the employee kiosk, there was always a different way of making sure my hours were correct.

Let’s take a look at the hassles of those different ways to clock in.


Employees are handed out a timesheet that they fill out either individually, or the timesheet is placed in a central spot where each employee writes their name and worked hours every day. If any errors occur, they are erased or crossed out on the timesheet. If the timesheet is lost or misplaced, any record of those time entries are lost and unrecoverable. Hopefully, all of the timesheets make it to the managers, who must then sign off, and bring to the Payroll or HR departments. From there, the timesheets are individually entered, summarized and calculated, and then finally the payroll processing can begin. These paper timesheets are then filed and kept as records.

Depending on how many employees a business has, this can be incredibly time-consuming. What if there is a mistake? Or, what if an employee entered their time in, but not their time out, and it wasn’t caught until the paperwork made its way to the Payroll or HR department? Payroll would need to be immediately halted until the employee and manager can be tracked down for verification of the accurate out time.

This way of doing time and attendance has a high margin for errors, due to the abundance of paperwork and manual keystrokes.

Punch Cards

I had one job that had these, and every week my time card looked like a kindergartner got ahold of it with the amount of scribbles, cross-outs, and other edits that were made.

When I would clock in, I would grab my time card and put it through. Hopefully, I dropped it in the right way or else the time would be stamped on the wrong part. Another issue I had was forgetting to clock back in, which then required a manager to pencil in the correct time. The worst was when the machine jammed, or it ran out of ink. I had a few time cards get eaten by the time card machine.

Yes, most of this was my fault, but no employee is perfect and this system was definitely subject to human error. Once my time card was handed over to management and eventually payroll, all of the same issues that timesheets had were still there. Manual entry and the risk of losing a time card (which happened to me) are real risks and liability that comes with having this type of system.

Employee Kiosk

Greenshades actually offers a way of allowing employees to clock in from a central system. However, the one I used at a past job was actually located on a prominently used computer, which meant that I would sometimes have to wait in order to clock in or out. There were times that I would end up being told to clock in later and that my time would just be adjusted. This is clearly a huge liability to an employer.

If considering a kiosk type entry system, a best practice is to ensure the terminal hosting the kiosk is dedicated purely to time and attendance and is not frequently used for other activities throughout the day.

Time clock
Mobile App Time Entry

Greenshades does it better

Greenshades offers a variety of time and attendance collection methods. As mentioned previously, one of these methods is a time clock kiosk, which allows employers to collect their employees’ time in a central location in real time. Additionally, Greenshades offers a web time clock via the Green Employee web portal, or via the Green Employee iOS and Android mobile app. Are your employees completing paper time cards currently? Greenshades offers a web entry method with a simple method of collecting employee’s work hours on a daily or weekly basis. A great alternative to paper time cards. With web options available, this assures that employees have the necessary access, even from remote locations.

With so many options available from Greenshades, you can rest assured knowing there is a system built to meet your needs. And best of all, no matter which version works best for you, you’ll know you’ve found a solution that cuts down on the margin for error, and reduces your liability. Gone are the days of lost time cards and manual entry. And best of all, the collected time does not even need to be keyed into the payroll system. Instead, the time is directly synchronized to payroll.

So, how does your method stack up to this?

I think we can all agree that it’s time to spend a little less time, on time.


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