Four ways Greenshades can save you time: Part 4 – Year-End Forms

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By Brittany Llorente and Chris Hadden, CPP

At Greenshades, we have become the solution to turn to for simplifying the year-end process. Due to our focus on high customer satisfaction, every year, the amount of forms that we have hosted andPaper-01 printed has increased from the year prior. With the addition of the new 1095 C form, last year was our biggest year ever.

To break it down, here are the form totals for last year that Greenshades processed.

  • Millions of forms
    • 2 million forms handled by Greenshades
    • Over 12,000 tax form sets
    • Over 4,100 companies
  • ACA summary
    • 2 million 1095 forms handled by Greenshades
    • Over ½ million printed and mailed
    • Over 3,600 companies


So, does this sound like your typical January? For each tax form a company prints, the company spends time printing the form (including handling printer alignment issues), stuffing the envelope, and stamping the envelope. And not only is there a cost associated with these forms, ink, and printer maintenance, but there is also the often forgotten labor expense. Spending precious time handling year-end forms means a business must pull employees from other important and necessary tasks, which can easily lead to missed deadlines or additional overtime expenses.

There is an easier way.

Just last year, Greenshades saved companies thousands of hours of processing.

So, how can you save time? Let Us Handle That.

The process for uploading forms to Greenshades is easier than ever before. If you are a current user of the Greenshades Tax Filing Center or the Greenshades Employee Services modules, your current technology will automatically upload year-end tax forms with the click of a few buttons, directly from your payroll or accounting package system.

Not using the Tax Fling Center or Employee Services already? No problem, both are a simple and quick installation. Looking to skip an install? That works too, with the help of a simple to use Microsoft Excel template integration. Simply populate the Excel template with the required information, and your tax forms will be uploaded and ready for distribution in a matter of minutes.


No need for W2 assistance? No problem, Greenshades can assist with many other form types, such as 1099 MISC, 1099 INT, 1099 DIV, 1099 PATR, 1099 R, W2 G, 1042 S, 1095 C, and more!

Once the forms are uploaded to the Greenshades Year-End Forms module, the distribution process is a breeze. With the click of a few buttons, you can have Greenshades print, stamp and mail all of your tax forms out directly to your recipients, saving you a huge amount of time this year end.

Would you prefer to print the forms yourself? With the Greenshades Year-End Forms module, you can print forms directly to blank perforated forms. That’s right, no more purchasing of pre-printed forms and hours lost to handling printer alignment issues.

If you’d prefer to go green this year-end, while also saving some green, consider publishing your W2 and 1095 forms online for recipients to download. The IRS required consent is built directly into the application, so each form viewed electronically is one less form that you’ll need to stress about printing this year-end. Finally, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride to a smooth January.

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