Electronic Filing for Maine Has Changed
January 11, 2019
By Greenshades Software

By Product Management

Beginning November 2018 electronic filing will be done using the ReEmployME application located at​ www.maine.gov/reemployme.​ 

As stated in Maine’s UC-1 instructions, Maine allows employers to file multiple forms with a single login, including the quarterly returns. Employers using software capable of producing a file that conforms to the Maine Revenue Services ICESA specifications may upload that file to MRS via the web.  

Alternatively, the quarterly return may also be filed via the MRS Internet filing program (Maine I-file). Using the I-file method, you may upload wage listing spreadsheet files via the Maine I-file program. Please note however, Greenshades Software currently supports the ICESA format only, which is submitted via the MEETRS website.  

After building the e-file via the Greenshades application, please navigate to Maine’s ReEmployME login page, and then follow the below instructions: 

  1. Select ‘Tax & Wage Report’
  2. Next, select ‘Upload Tax and Wage Report File’
  3. Next, enter in required information
  4. Next, select the appropriate Filing Period and Quarter, and ‘Browse’ for the saved e-file generated by the Greenshades application
  5. The final step is to verify your totals, and then click ‘Submit

For information or questions about using this site, call 207.621.5120.  Or for additional assistance click here.