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IRS Form 941X (Rev. July 2020)

By Laura Detsch Compliance Officer There is a draft version of the IRS Form 941X (Rev. July 2020) available. The final version is expected to be available by the end of September 2020. This revision incorporates the additional elements related to the changes implemented on the Form 941 (Rev. April 2020) and 941-SS (Rev. April 2020), which factored in the payroll […]

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COVID-19 and the W-2

By Laura Detsch Compliance Officer 2020 will certainly be a year to remember.  COVID-19 has created many IRS reporting challenges for those opting to receive the credits provided by the federal government.   The latest change is the requirement to report any information regarding the qualified paid sick and emergency family leave that will need to […]

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To Contract or Not to Contract: Proper Classification of Workers

By Bethany Knittel Channel Marketing Manager  More than 10 percent of employers misclassify at least one worker as an independent contractor according to numerous state-level studies. Unlike strong quarterly financial reports, misclassifying a worker is never good news.   Being adequately informed about the impactful differences between an employee and an independent contractor from a tax filing and […]

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Save the Date! Because You’re Invited

By Bethany Knittel Channel Marketing Manager Summer – the much-anticipated time of year when school is out, watermelon is back in season and sunshine is calling your name! We love summer here in the Sunshine State, home to our Greenshades Headquarters in sunny Jacksonville, FL. Normally, these summer rays see our Greenshades faces flying all over the nation visiting […]

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CARES Act – Employer Retention Credit

The Cares Act is ‘phase 3’ of the federal stimulus package fighting the effects of COVID-19. As with most federal Bills this one has many facets to it that will assist a wide array of needs. The CARES ACT assists via Small Business Interruption Loans, the Economic Impact Payments, financial assistance to businesses that have been severely affected, the Employee Retention Credit, there are healthcare provisions, suspended federal student loan payments, and even addresses some withdrawals from retirement […]

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Department of Labor FFCRA Digital Flyer

The Department of Labor has provided a Families First Coronavirus Response Act Notice that employers are required to post. For employees that are teleworking, adding this GreenEmployee bulletin board will provide you a solution to this requirement. Greenshades has preloaded this digital flyer for you, all you will need to do is set the dates […]

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Working From Home During COVID-19

By Molly Van Kampen, CPP Chief Evangelist I have been a remote worker, managing large and small teams for well over a decade. I was in fact, the first remote worker for Greenshades, which I guess made me a sort of Greenshades pioneer! I spent a good portion of this week talking with and answering questions […]

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Molly VanKampen

Navigating the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

By Molly Van Kampen, CPP Chief Evangelist (and compliance fanatic)  What a week it has been. I have largely spent my time on the appropriate response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), working with the Greenshades Compliance team to develop a working understanding of the rapidly changing environment and how we can best support our employees, clients, and partners during this difficult time.     […]

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Molly VanKampen