A Visit From Greenshades
December 16, 2020
By Greenshades Software

By Greenshades Marketing


‘Twas the night before year-end, when all through the halls,

The HR employees were knee-deep in calls.

The payroll professionals logged in with care

In hopes that smooth processes soon would be there.

Employees were nestled, some working remote,

All waiting to access their tax forms of note.

My colleagues and I shared our updates on Teams,

While visions of year-end infused all our dreams.

The stress and the hassle, the panic and tears,

We all were expecting the worst of our fears.

When there in my email, a subject line shone,

A glimmer of hope that I wasn’t alone.

I clicked and I scrolled, all too eager to see,

What help with my year-end was waiting for me.

The cheeriest message, a tip of a hat:

“We’re Greenshades. We’re experts. Let US handle that.”

I felt all my tension begin to unwind

As Greenshades brought experts and sweet peace of mind.

I knew that, for year-end, their team understands –

I placed myself into their capable hands.

They said not a word… no, that’s not true at all,

They were there with responses whenever I’d call.

They helped me to process, to print and to mail,

To file every form right on time, without fail.

Their interface twinkled! Their modules, how merry!

My 1099s didn’t seem quite so scary.

They sounded quite jolly, but I wasn’t fooled;

In terms of taxation, those Greenshades folks ruled.

As year-end was waning, I sighed and I smiled…

Compliance was tackled. Returns were all filed.

I turned back to Greenshades, my gratitude plain;

They answered, “You’re welcome. We’ll do it again.”

With everything handled, I felt quite serene.

I hadn’t gone wrong putting faith in the Green.

I’ll always trust Greenshades for payroll and tax;

They’ve got this. They’re experts. They DO have our backs.

I said my goodbyes, to their team gave a cheer,

And I told them we’d use them throughout all the year.

I heard them exclaim ere we left the last chat:

“Greenshades sweats the tough stuff! Let US handle that!”