Do you struggle to keep up with employee evaluations?

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By Justin Kirkland

Justin Kirkland
Justin Kirkland

Sales Engineer


Tired of hunting down managers when it’s time for employee evaluations to be completed? Is your inbox filling up with requests from managers asking for historical evaluation scores and company metrics? Need more consistency with how and what your managers are grading employees on?

With Greenshades Online Evaluations module, employee evaluations are made easy with:

  • Unlimited number of evaluation templates for managers to utilize configured for your company’s need
  • Link to evaluation policy or guidelines, providing managers with easy to access to company guidelines to follow while completing evaluations
  • One-time or reoccurring evaluation schedule, allowing for such reference dates as an employee’s hire date
  • Automation of evaluation assignments. Evaluations can be easily configured to only apply to certain groups of employees, such as an employee’s department or work location.


Scoring simplicity. Greenshades Administrators are able to control the scoring that the employee performance evaluation may be based on. Greenshades has options for using a word list or a numeric range depending on your preferred setup. We have multiple ways to score the employees’ overall evaluation, including calculating the average or the sum of the evaluation criteria score, or manually determined at the manager’s discretion.




Evaluation criteria: Greenshades has options for evaluation criteria, letting you, the administrator, choose criteria and their weights. This allows for the simplification of scoring employee on department-specific metrics or overall company metrics. All imputed criteria and categories, are displayed on reports for employee evaluations, letting you better track evaluations for the whole of your company.

Evaluation reminders and tracking: Greenshades Online administrators or managers are able to complete employee evaluations. Within the evaluation module, you will be able to see Upcoming and Historical completed evaluations.




Evaluation completion: Completing the evaluation will look similar to the images below depending on how you, as an administrator, set up the evaluation process. During the evaluation, an administrator or manager may add comments to each evaluation criteria. They may also set goals for the employee being evaluated to meet before their next evaluation.


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Robust Reporting: Greenshades administrators and managers may also view Company Trends and Employee Trends for tracking purposes.




Employee and employer accessibility: Once the evaluation is complete, Greenshades administrators and managers may reference the evaluation at any time as well as print the evaluations with our printer friendly version. Employees may also review the evaluation from the portal, along with full access to their goals for their current evaluation period


If you would like to see more of our ESS solution, please feel free to request a demo today.