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Greenshades Payroll Distribution Services

Greenshades is proud to offer a distribution service for your direct deposit earning statements and live paychecks. Our primary service is to place paystubs and earning statements online for your employees to view at their convenience. Our software will pull your payroll information directly from Dynamics GP and post it online so that your empolyees can access it through a link on your corporate intranet. If you do not use an intranet, we will put them on a secure website which your employees can access much like banking information or else we'll email the information to your employees' corporate email accounts. Employees who go online can view their pay information as soon as it is posted within your system. They can also view their complete pay history, eliminating many questions and reprints from your schedule. For direct deposit employees, online distribution saves the entire cost (and environmental footprint) of printing and mailing the actual statements.

For your employees who get paid by check, Greenshades can print those paychecks and either mail them to your employees or ship them to your site for distribution. We will print MICR checks that match what you currently distribute and will manage multiple accounts as needed. If you wish, we can also print and mail any earning statements which weren't viewed online within a certain number of days. This mailing service offers a low cost alternative to in-house distribution and saves hours of time with each payroll. We will print and mail your paychecks or earning statements using eco-friendly supplies and energy-efficient machinery, making it a cheaper and greener process than could be accomplished in-house.

Click here to visit our Go Green Calculator to see what the first-year cost savings would be for your company. We're confident that our green system can save you time and save your company money no matter how you pay your employees.

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