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Greenshades Online Sync Application

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System Requirements

  • Hardware

    The host computer is required to have a minimum of 4GB RAM. More may be required depending on the size of your company and type of integration. The computer should also have an internet connection with a recommended 15mb upstream bandwidth.

  • Software

    Microsoft Operating System

    The Sync Application is currently supported on Microsoft Desktop and Server operating systems. Desktop versions are supported on Vista or later. Server versions 2003 or later are supported.

    Dynamics AX or other accounting package using the integration tools

    The Greenshades Online Sync Application is used to move data from client accounting packages to the GreenshadesOnline platform. The Sync Application works with Microsoft Dynamics AX and other accounting packages using one of our integration options. Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL users should not use the Sync Application. Instead, they should use the GreenshadesOnline Connector.

    Download the GreenshadesOnline Connector

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

    The Microsoft .NET Framework adds an extra layer of functionality to your version of Microsoft Windows that Greenshades solutions utilize. The following link will take you to a Microsoft webpage. Please follow all instructions for downloading and installing the .NET Framework before continuing. Microsoft .NET version 4.5 is a minimum requirement for the Greenshades Online Sync Application.

    Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

  • Data Source

    If you are using the Dynamics GP or Generic SQL adapter, you will be required to have SQL Server 2005 or later. Other adapters may have similar requirements based on which program is used to store the data. This will be discussed with you during the integration process.

Download the Greenshades Online Sync Application

  • Sync Application Installer

    The Greenshades Online Sync Application must be installed on a machine that has access to the data source. Once installed, the sync application will host a management portal (web page) that users on the local network can access.

  • Download the Sync Application Installer